What is Sea Glass?

Sea Glass100% of the sea glass I use in my designs comes from genuine sea glass we have found along beaches on the Hudson River. Sea glass was made from broken glass bottles that have been naturally tumbled and abraded by the river. It takes decades for the broken bottles to get a smooth, frosted surface. It’s difficult to know where each piece originated from since they are so old and have so much history. Maybe someone smashed a bottle off their ship or an old glass factory dumped their bottles into the river! However they ended up on the beaches of the Hudson River, each piece of sea glass has an untold, unique story behind it.

I love how no two pieces of jewelry are the same, and it is something beautiful that the Hudson River created. I keep my designs very simple and elegant in order to highlight the sea glass in its natural form. Authenticity is very important to me, which is why we would never artificially color, polish, or shape any of the pieces we find. The way you see the sea glass is exactly how I found it on the beach!