Pamela Gorman

About Pamela

I started this business in 2012 when I was seventeen years old after a lifelong hobby of collecting sea glass on the Hudson River. I grew up five minutes from the Hudson River, and would always go down there for a relaxing walk on the beach to look for sea glass. Since I was a kid, I would send the sea glass to my aunt, who would make beautiful mosaics with them. Her use of the sea glass to make beautiful pieces of art inspired me to combine my love of sea glass and jewelry to create a locally-sourced, eco-friendly line of homemade jewelry. I become a sole proprietor and am now selling my jewelry in local street fairs in the Hudson Valley, and my website.

What I’ve always loved about sea glass is its natural, genuine beauty.  Sea glass began as a broken piece of garbage which, over time, the river transformed into something beautiful and strong.  It reminds us how, in life, a rough and tumbled past can, with time and perseverance, make one become strong, unbreakable, and beautiful.



Nyack Street Fair

Supporting the Riverkeeper

Eileen Fisher Holiday Boutique

Awards from the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) for Hudson River Sea Glass

February 2014- Community Outreach Award at the regional CEO business conference at Bryant University
October 2014: 2014 Student Innovator of the Year at the national CEO conference in Orlando FL